Tesla Capsule

an autonomous urban vehicle for 2025
Small yet very capable
Tesla Capsule is an autonomous urban vehicle that offers a relaxed and personalized riding experience. It not only satisfies the need of the majority but also open the doorway for the elderly or the people who are afraid of driving. Its small footprint makes parking and driving in the urban area super easy. The length and the width of the car are nearly identical. The quick-swappable battery on the side of the car and the in-wheel motors kept the interior very spacious. By having a car body this small, it can even go into the hyperloop for extra long-distance travel. This vehicle would be a great new member of the Tesla lineup.
Accelerate the world's transition to sustanable energy
"Tesla continues to make products accessible and affordable to more and more people, ultimately accelerating the advent of clean transport and clean energy production. Electric cars, batteries, and renewable energy generation and storage already exist independently, but when combined, they become even more powerful - that's the future we want." - Tesla
Adapt faster life pace
Driven by the environment change, population increase, and information booming, people have a fast life-pace and can handle more work. People want to find a piece of mind.
Create relax & personal experience
The increasing of traveling speed should not sacrifice the experience. The vehicle's interior space shall fit the need for both working and relaxing. The layout and the setting can be customized to personal needs.

Exterior Design

an autonomous urban vehicle for 2025
Small footprint, unique package
Tesla capsule was developed from the ground up to be very small since its mainly for urban area. I want this car to be very user friendly so that it suits everybody including the children and elderly. Therefore I didn't choose the themes that have very sharp edges. For the final exterior direction, I give the cabin lots of glass area. And the four wheels are at the very corners of the car, giving the car a healthy stable stands. The front of the car becomes the entrance. The front door is made of two parts. The top half of the door is very light and opens up. The bottom half of the door is strong and folds down becoming a doorstep.

Interior Design

an autonomous urban vehicle for 2025
A flexible and personalized space
At the beginning, I was focusing on creating a unique layout. But when I bring myself in as a passenger, I realize that I can not change my sitting position. There are also many other impractical parts to the design. Therefore I changed to a more conventional but more practical seating layout. Each passenger can adjust their seat individually. In fact, Everything are dual zone including tray table, AC, and entertainment system. For better ingress and egress, the seats move forward when the door opens. This way it's even easier for the elderly to move in and out.

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