Polestar Photon

the ultimate polestar race car
The ultimate racing experience
I want to create the ultimate Polestar race car for the new electric generation of racing.
From the beginning, I want this car to be light weight, high power, and high speed. Combing with iconic Polestar yellow. The name Photon popped up in my head. And this is the result, an ultra light-weight hyper car with a total of 2011 horse powers, ready only for the drivers who are brave enough to tame the beast.
Hyper electric racing chassis
The chassis plays a big role when it comes to a race car. I believe the structure and layout of raw mechanical parts will bring more unexpected touches to the final design. Therefore, after looking at many references, this racing chassis was developed in conjunction with the exterior of the car.
Chassis Design
hyper electric racing chassis
This car is powered by a well-balanced and high-power chassis. The highlights of the it is its component arrangement. Two 500w motors are allocated at the rear and one 500w motor is allocated at the front. The driver is pushed forward to further enhance the immersive and handling aspect. The 100kWh battery modules are placed behind the driver, also balanced the weight of the car.

Design Process

the design that evolved around one line
Key theme: light weight body panels wrap on the essential powertrain
At the brainstorm stage of the design, I did many pages of sketches to find the architecture and theme I want. This is the final theme I picked. I call it "the ground sucker". I want the car to be very essential since it's a race car that has a main focus of performance. The body shells wrap around the main powertrain platform, ensuring the car to be as low as possible while fulfilling the performance need. For styling, I really enjoyed one specific line on my sketch. The line goes from the side of the car, passes under the rear fender bridge, and landed all the way at the most rear part of the car. I decided to develop my design starting from this very unique feature.
Sketch model development
sketch models are also used for Photoshop experiment underlay
After having the rough architecture and theme in my head, I move on to blender to develop the sketch model. Even though many places are still very uncertain, I feel quite comfortable experimenting and making changes in 3D. Here, you can see I changed many places on the car, including the front facia, shape of the tail light, wheels, etc. During the process, I also looked for other people's critics. I believes that helped me a lot.
Final Design