Genesis Oasis is a concept that pursues a key Korean aesthetic value: the beauty of emptiness. We believe that the "Less is more" design helps users achieve spiritual freedom and find a tranquil mind. In this busy world that we live in, being able to find a getaway and release the stress is the new kind of luxury.
Genesis Oasis
Jackson (Ext) , Ao (Int) , Yenny (Env)
April 2021
Art Center College of Design Genesis Sponsor Class

Exterior Design

Exterior designed by Jackson Zhang
an autonomous urban vehicle for 2025
The exterior or this luxury cruiser is heavily effected by the Genesis design language, focusing on the two lines. I used the asian philosophy of "less is more" to design the whole vehicle. I removed many unnecessary design elements because I don't want to over design this car. Instead, I used visual phenomenons to make the design looks more futuristic. For example, the transition from clear glass to frosted glass, the 3D pattern on top of the roof, the contrast between glossy black and metallic silver material. The genesis matrix texture is also implemented at many places of the car.

Interior Design

Interior designed by Ao Zhou, modeled by Jackson Zhang

Installation Design

designed by Yenny Zhang, modeled by Jackson Zhang
The retail experience for Genesis Oasis includes a series of pop-up in cities and installations in wild nature. In order to bring users a tranquil mindset and spiritual freedom, I create two touch points for users - 1. Bring Nature To Urban Life 2. Bring Us To Nature Landscape. The first part of pop-ups are located in big cities, providing people peaceful getaway spots. The second part of installations are spread in wild landscape, melting our Genesis Oasis into the nature. Let nature advertise it, and let us embrace the empitiness.