Tesla LMP-E

First prize of unreal engine & autofans design contest
Tesla cyber racer designed by Ao zhou, modeled by Jackson
Virtual LE MANS
2050s, an era where Al and autonomous technology allow people to free themselves from driving. In order to protect drivers safety, a new kind of race has taken place: Virtual Le Mans. With the help of technologies like virtual reality. ultra-low latency network and autonomous drones, drivers can control the race car without actually being in the car and taking the risk.

Exterior Design

an autonomous urban vehicle for 2025
Design Development
This car is designed by Ao Zhou. The development started with Ao's theme sketches. Then, more detailed Photoshop sketches were delivered to me. We did many design changes even after I started modeling. Ao and I were also discussing a lot on areas besides design, like packaging, door opening, power-train, aerodynamics, etc. For more developments of this project, please visit aozhou.design.